Kimono Dressing Experience Ticket (Weekday)

Kimono Dressing Experience Ticket (Weekday)

レギュラー価格 ¥4,000

We propose a touching tour in YANAKA area, which will give you the chance to know a good old-days Japanese life-style and its traditional culture!

We are ready to propose you the followings;
・Being dressed Yukata(Japanese summer cotton kimono) in summer, and Kimono in winter time.
・Taking a walk dressed with Yukata and/or Kimono together with AKIZAKURA's Kimono Umbrella (Japanese traditional umbrella) in YANAKA area.
・During a walk, we show you the stylish walking-manner with Yukata and/or Kimono, way of sitting-down, and pattern of behavior. In addition, we would like to deliver the meaning of how Kimono culture influenced to Japanese life-style.
・Of course, you can have a lot of commemorative photos at each photogenic spot in YANAKA, for your unforgettable experience in Japan.

■We prepare for you,
・ Welcome drink
You can choose from coffee, herb tea, orange juice, etc.
・ Kimono and HIGASA

■Require to you,
・ Bring long camisole or slip (for ladies)
・ Make your hair upswept.

Yamazaki (3-2-9, Yanaka, Taito-ku, Tokyo)

■Nearest station
・Sendagi station(Chiyoda line)   
 Exit1 Dangozaka guchi 3 min by walk
・Nippori station(JR Yamanote line)
Exit south 10 min by walk

■Service plan
・Rental traditional Kimono & HIGASA(Kimono umbrella)
 including Dressing up service

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①Sayoko Yamamura
Hi, I’m Sayoko, a creator of AKIZAKURA. We offer Hospitality art “Kimono Umbrella.
In the past 2 years, my Kimono Umbrella has been focused at many stages and shows, for example, Japan-Tag Dusseldorf (Japan day in Germany).In August 2018, my Kimono Umbrella was taken up on NHK’s world “Kawaii international” TV program.

②Ryoko Rini Hayashi
Professional instructor of Kimono dresser. I teach how comfortably to wear Kimono and Yukata with proper fitting which is fully applicable to the models on stage.
I lived in Indonesia for 8 years and studied abroad in USA and CANADA. So, you can have comfortable time with wonderful smile!