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We make people happy with our products beauty and connect people by upcycling.

"Upcycle" is to recycle in such a way that the resulting product is of a higher value than the original item. The upcycle has been a long-standing concept in Japan.
We make the life of people all over the world beautiful with the kimono upcycle. We create various products using repurposed Japanese beautiful Kimono fabric.

We would like to spread the Japanese upcycle culture to the world.

In edo period, Kimono has been washed repeatedly and tailored, and even remodeled as a kimono for children. The kimono was finally used thoroughly until it became a baby 's diapers, cloths and thong of clogs (Japanese sandals and Geta).
We believe the upcycle can be reproduced in a way that fits this era. This is "AKIZAKURA" brand basic concept.

Why Kimono?

Japanese have wore Kimono for a long time. Kimonos as we know them today came into being during the Heian period (794-1192). However nowadays, those are not used and just left in the closet. It is said that the amount of the clothes is 800 million pieces.
We take over the Kimono from grandmother to mother, mother to daughter. So we cannot throw away, we cannot sell in affordable price either. Can you throw away such a valuable clothes that has a strong tie with your family?
Furthermore, kimono is one of Japanese traditional crafts, and as professional craftsmen carefully make them piece by piece using skills handed down since the old time. You can feel the deep attraction by being conscious of its features and process to make. kimono described as a "wearable art form", because they are much more than just a piece of "clothing".
We want to leave the kimono made by craftsmanship to future generations.

Why Umbrella?

Umbrellas is Lucky Charms to the Japanese.
People use umbrellas everyday, whether rain, snow or shine. In Japan, umbrellas have been regarded as lucky charms since the olden times. To the Japanese people, an umbrella is a symbol of boundlessness, symbol of harmony, symbol of protection.
An umbrella spreads wide open when held up. The Japanese people describe this as Suehirogari (末広がり), which also carries the figurative meaning of boundless prosperity and growth.
The Kanji for umbrellas (傘) is a photographic representation of the 4 craftsmen (人), assembled the parts together. In Japan, sharing of umbrellas is also an expression of affection between close friends and couples.
Japanese people believe that umbrellas not only block out the sun and rain, but also shield us from all harms. From songs to pop his, Japanese tunes often include the phrase "I shall be your umbrella" meaning "I will protect you".

I'm Sayoko Yamamura.

I'm Sayoko Yamamura, a creator of a Japanese brand AKIZAKURA that expresses harmony in Japanese.
AKIZAKURA offers Kimono Umbrella made with repurposed kimono fabric. AKIZAKURA ensures each Umbrella is original and higt-quality made by Japanese craftsmen.
Please enjoy the beautiful Kimono Umbrella & Sensu of AKIZAKURA.


Sun parasol Kimono umbrella


Mini Kimono umbrella object


Japanese Kimono Obi Table Runner